Wine World – Through an Indian Eye

Today’s wine world is a heady mix of ideas, information, opinion and arguments. It seems anybody in the know has a point of view. The innumerable resources – both in printed literature and on the web speaks volume towards this fact. Majority of these wine resources are primarily aimed at people who belong to countries where wine is more or less ingrained in the culture.

But what about the ‘other’ perspective? How do wine lovers from ‘unconventional’ (but emerging) places see the wine world and the changing attitudes? Since they haven’t grown with the culture, what challenges do they face before they can proclaim to be genuine enthusiasts?

These are some of the queries that are the motivation behind this site. Hailing from India, I came across similar thoughts while I was growing as a wine professional and a wannabe aficionado. I aim to present an honest viewpoint of my experiences that will probably reflect a few similar thoughts. I also hope it will provide a platform to others who somehow allude to my ruminations.

Being a part of the global wine fraternity, I also feel obliged to comment on the latest industry trends and any events that affect our industry. My next post will deal with complicated tasting notes and their impact on novice palates in countries like India.

We’ve already stepped into 2009 while I write! Happy new year everyone!




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