Foodista featured wine blog

Foodista, a popular social media site dedicated to food and wine, selected this blog as the ‘Featured wine blog of the day’ for June 30th. Thanks guys for the kind gesture!

If you are a food and wine enthusiast and love to socialize on the internet, I would recommend you to bookmark their site as it is a treasure trove of interesting recipes, food & beverage recommendations and lively user interactions.


But It’s Not Google!

Yes, that’s what Bing is! It is not Google (well, not as yet) but the names behind this search engine could make it a force to reckon with. Following a failed bid by Microsoft to acquire Yahoo last year, the two powerhouses have now decided to join hands to take on the might of the cyberworld’s most dominant force. This arrangement will see the Yahoo’s search engine getting an added boost by Microsoft’s Bing which comes with lot of interesting features including some stunning background images, an option to preview the pages including any URLs in that page that can be directly clicked, a left side navigation pane for related searches and prior searches and many more. Here is a great tool to spilt-test Bing Vs. Google (this is really awesome!)

Now that the partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft is formal, the web community is waiting with bated breath to see what impact it has on Google’s dominance. After all, who does not want to imagine a more level playing field within the web world?

Next time, if you are thinking of Googling something, remember you can also Bing it!



Palmy or horsey?

The labels on Bordeaux first growth Château Mouton Rothschild are often as special as the wines themselves. Over the years, many revered names from the art world have contributed to the wine’s prestige……….OK, may be Prince Charles was an exception.

But there is something striking about the latest one by Lucian Freud which will grace the bottles of 2006 vintage. Although childishly simple at first look, it epitomizes the complexities of the modern day art world. The more I try to make sense of it, more it puzzles me.

As they say, there are numerous ways to look at a modern art. May be this one is to suggest that the wine may be a bit horsey (brett??) or may have palmy aromas! Palmy? Yes, another contribution from Mouton Rothschild to the wine world. Probably a noble approach to sell a not-so-noble vintage!