Press Mentions

Excuse this blatant self-publicity; here is a list of some recent media mentions of my wine initiatives, both as the wine custodian for ITC Hotels as well as in my personal capacity to promote wine in India.

I will update this page as and when required.

Please click on the links below to find the articles and media mentions:

Veni, Vidi, Vino

Be savvy when purchasing wine

Sommelier India Tasting Panel tastes Chilean wines available in India

From 18 to 150; India’s most comprehensive wine training exercise within single hotel chain enters phase 2

Flight of Fancy at ITC Maurya Delhi

WSET Level 3 certification Debuts in India

ITC Hotels raise the antennae

Austrian Wines step up to the Indian Table

India’s most comprehensive wine training conducted at the ITC Maurya

Heard it on the grapevine

When Austrian wines came calling to Dum Pukht

A vinous journey through Oenotria




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